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"new hair couture" by Roxanne

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"beauty therapy for the mind...body & spirit"

For two decades Angelic Care Couture Wigs has specialized in managing aesthetic side effects for cancer-related hair loss and alopecia, the forerunners in the hair replacement industry. An exclusive aesthetic pampering studio that offers so much more than just hair; they also offer pampering spa services that offer a support system that aids in the healing process for those suffering from medical induced hair loss. Also, carrying their very own private label of hair loss options - "New Hair Couture" - designed by the founder Roxanne Corba-Gattuso. "New Hair Couture" is the most natural hair loss option that duplicates bio hair to perfection. They are well known for their compassionate support and their menu of specialized services that allow guests to feel beautiful even when they are not feeling their best and to re-emerge rather than fade due to their diagnosis.

Angelic Care Couture Wigs was established by Roxanne in 1999 after experiencing first-hand the challenges she experienced with her immediate family which taught her some very valuable life lessons. Witnessing the astonishing effects of what looking good when not feeling your best can do is the reason why she put her talent into action because of the life-changing impact a positive self-image can have on a serious illness. Roxanne turned her life lessons into valuable ones by helping others to not only look beautiful but feel it inside also. A trusting, compassionate place that restores natural beauty where guests feel more like family while regaining their dignity back at a very trying time. For Roxanne, it's more than a business, it's a mission, which is why she strives every day for each one of her guests to regain back their self-esteem by supporting them and working endlessly in helping them to regain their positive self-image once again.

Angelic Care Couture Wigs not only contribute their success to their unmatched product line and pampering support, but also most importantly due to the attributes that they never fall short of; expertise, honesty, integrity, and compassion. For people affected by cancer, having the chance to relax, feel pampered, and focus on wellness is the vital part of treatment and recovery, this unique approach has paved the way for women to have a sufficient compassionate resource when shopping for hair loss options.

A positive attitude especially when battling cancer will exude an energy that is healing. Every woman can learn to be her most beautiful even at a time they feel they can't, it just involves a set of new skills that anyone can develop with the right product and support. Your personal hair replacement specialist at Angelic Care Couture Wigs will be by your side from the beginning of hair loss till your hair starts growing back, guiding you every step of the way. Rebuilding your confidence so you feel confident and beautiful when wearing "YOUR NEW HAIR". Their support reassures you that this part of your diagnosis does not have to be as intimidating or as confusing as you thought it would be.

It is proven that a positive image and well-being can play a vital role in the psyche of someone battling an illness maintaining self-esteem is a particularly important foundation for both the physical and psychological well-being

Staffed with experienced Master Hair Replacement Specialists, Designers, Stylists, and Colorists who offer unmatched talent to design, cut, style and create a virtually undetectable hair loss option and or couture wig. Also, staffed with Licensed Estheticians, Massage Therapists & Make-Up Artists. The life lessons that are taught by working in this specialized area are a learning experience each and every day which is the motivation behind everything they offer all of which they are eager to share with you. More than other chemo complications, preparing for the possibility of hair loss is devastating for our guests, we see that the sooner than later helps our guests to be prepared for the transition helps make a world of a difference with this difficult side effect.

In today's industry, an experienced hair-loss specialist offers expert knowledge that provides security and a sigh of relief. The truth is a hair loss option should look nothing less than a very close replication of biological hair on its perfect hair day when designed and styled correctly.

Angelic Care Couture Wigs offers private one on one consultations that offer a goldmine of information building confidence and knowledge that helps their guests to take control. Diagnosis is hard enough, the side effects associated can be very overwhelming having a sufficient resource allows those faced with hair loss to restore confidence, vitality & social interactions. For women duplicating their biological hair, it's like a form of therapy for many - it re-focuses attention on getting better, looking good in the mirror is the beauty in medicine and the perfect antidote for those battling hair loss.

"All women want is to feel beautiful and to look as they did before a diagnosis angelic care couture wigs creates that for each and every one of their guests and won't stop until they achieve it and their guests feel and believe it""

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Located in Monmouth County & Serving all of New Jersey & New York

Conveniently located 5 minutes off the Garden State Parkway


"new hair couture"
by Roxanne
Master Hair Replacement Designer

"NEW HAIR COUTURE" is a custom line that is designed by the Founder Roxanne Gattuso, a Master Hair Replacement Designer & Stylist, who offers three decades of experience in custom-designing hair loss options. Roxanne is world-known and highly respected in the hair replacement industry, her unique talent is unmatched when duplicating a client's biological hair and proven by the products she offers.

Roxanne is a perfectionist and Angelic Care's ' NEW HAIR COUTURE" is perfection. "New Hair Couture" is endless and customized right down to every detail, but they also offer convenience ready-to-wear stock. Wither its custom or stock you choose from they are always designed in the finest highest of quality products right down to front hairline that can be worn straight back without a bang. They are 100% hand-made, hand-tied, with silk mono-filament tops and lace fronts. Available in Remy or virgin European human hair, blends made in 50/50 heat defiant synthetic/human hair or cyber synthetic.

When a custom order is placed the sky's the limit, from custom coloring, perming, you name it whatever it is the guest desires or is needed to duplicate their bio hair can be done. The collection is offered in an array of colors & custom color techniques including ombre', balayage, shadow roots, and styles to meet everyone's age group. Offering their guests the perfect hair day a total duplication of your biological designed to be as close to an exact replica of your natural hair. No matter what style, length, color, texture or fit you desire, it will be expertly cut, styled and colored to suit every taste from classic to high-fashion, trendy to super-edgy.

Roxanne the Designer states, “Each and Everyone is like a Fingerprint,” and unique in their own way as each client doesn't have the same head of biological hair." The staff at angelic care couture wigs are experts at re-creating "The Modern Day Face of Cancer" for those faced with cancer. Women should no longer fear that it's impossible to emulate a totally natural look that is completely undetectable while going through treatments.

To make one hand-made custom hair replacement requires one person with a crochet needle weaving three hairs at a time into a lace mesh cap called ventilating into a custom lace wig may have as many as 150,000 knots at its roots. They are put into a direction the way a natural head of hair grows and flows out of the scalp this whole process takes about 40 hours to make just one! This is all behind the art of a custom hand-tied hair loss option which requires a special talent of expertise and extensive experience to be qualified to start from scratch and then create a client's biological hair to perfection.

angelic care couture wigs believe that a natural hair loss option is like therapy to clients and once you try one on, you will automatically see that they are virtually undetectable by their state of the art features, a complete replica of the hair you may only have dreamed of.

angelic care couture wigs are far from your average wig shop in the standards and procedures they follow, perfection and expertise go behind the work of art when creating a one of a kind hair loss option for clients and not one detail is missed. angelic care couture wigs guarantee from the start that you should not settle for anything less when looking in the mirror for you to see yourself with the hair you could have only dreamed of your biological hair on its best hair day. Helping you to get past the fear of wearing one and actually, believe it or not, start to enjoy that every day is a good hair day.

AAngelic Care Couture Wigs offers private one on one consultation

For many, hair loss is a symbol to the world that you have cancer and If you aren't comfortable sharing this information with others, you may fear this side effect


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