"New Hair Couture"
Offering you "The Perfect Hair Day" Everyday!!

Roxanne Master Hair Replacement Designer says “Each and Everyone is like a Fingerprint,” and unique in their own way as each client doesn't have the same head of biological hair." The staff at angelic care couture wigs are experts at recreating "The Modern Day Face of Cancer" for those faced with cancer. Women should no longer fear that it is impossible to emulate their natural look that is completely undetectable because once they try on the collection they are in shock how natural they really are. It takes a special talent to design one from scratch apart from extensive experience and expertise to feel confident to do so and not one detail is missed when creating a one of a kind hair loss option. The collection is available in the finest human hair available, Virgin European organic, blends made in 50/50 heat defiant synthetic/human hair or cyber synthetic.

When a custom order is placed, the sky's the limit. It takes a special talent to start something from scratch, such as sizing, custom coloring, perming, you name it, whatever is needed to duplicate their bio hair can be done. Custom colors are offered in an array of colors and custom color techniques including ombre, balayage, shadow roots, and styles to meet everyone's age group. No matter what style, length, color, texture or fit you desire, it will be expertly cut, styled and colored to suit every taste from classic to high-fashion, trendy to super-edgy. Creating the perfect hair day for those who have no choice but to wear a hair loss option.



Roxanne Corba-Gattuso

angelic care couture wigs believe that a natural hair loss option is like therapy, having a close replica to the hair you were born with many think is impossible and only something you can dream of having. angelic care couture wigs guarantee from the start that you should not settle for anything less when looking in the mirror for you to see yourself with the hair you could have only dreamed of, your biological hair on its best hair day. Helping you to get past the fear of wearing one and actually, believe it or not, many even start to enjoy that every day is the perfect hair day.

A helping hand by your side from the beginning of hair loss until your hair starts growing back, guiding you every step of the way. Rebuilding your confidence so you feel confident and beautiful when wearing "YOUR NEW HAIR". Going far and above the sale to provide you with the much-needed support so you this part of your diagnosis does not have to be as intimidating or as confusing as you thought it would be.